Get the Deals now. This indoor fly trap features clean lines and wont look unsightly in your home. The No […]

These traps are made of non-toxic materials and perform effectively at high and low temperatures. Pour one-quarter to one-half inch […]

Professional Prodcuts and Advice. Ad Do Your Own Pest Control Save. Quick And Easy Homemade Fly Trap Really Works Video […]

Set the cup near where the flies are gathering. I hope you love these simple handy ideas. Diy Gnat Trap […]

SHARP CUTTER We used a box cutter to cut through the tough plastic. Gnats also known as fruit flies are […]

Rinse any residual soda from the bottle and remove the label using a utility knife. 1 Tbsp dish soap the […]

Compost Bowl Fly Trap. This homemade fly trap out competes the shop bought. Simple Homemade Fly Trap Diy Project That […]

See more ideas about fruit flies homemade gnat trap gnats. Put up a bunch of sticky traps top-dress the soil […]

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